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Permissions & Access

From an end-user's perspective, CUWebLogin is how you sign in to Cornell services and Azure authentication is how you sign in to Cornell-provided Microsoft services.

For the technical audience, Shibboleth is the implementation Cornell uses to manage single sign-on.

Azure...Read more
CU Print has replaced Net-Print as the campus printing service. On August 15, 2021, the Net-Print service was decommissioned and turned off.

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Two-Factor Authentication

Two-Step Login adds an extra layer of security to your Cornell NetID and password by requiring:

something you know (your NetID and your password), plus something you have (a physical device, like your phone)

This is called...Read more

CUWebLogin allows you to access restricted web pages. It does this by presenting you with a secure web form that asks you for your NetID , GuestID , or...Read more

The Cornell Groups Management infrastructure provides a way for Cornell IT administrators and others to manage authorization to network resources via CornellAD Groups.

Some examples of how you might use Groups:

Groups can be used with CUWebAuth to allow only members of a specific...Read more