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Cornell is undergoing a review of its academic learning management system, Blackboard Learn, the first review since 2007. The learning management system plays a significant role in teaching and learning at Cornell. It is vital that we have a system that both meets current faculty needs and...Read more

The CU Electronic Student Records [CUESR] Solution is an ImageNow-based document management application used to manage registrar-oriented documents associated with Undergraduate, Professional School, Professional Degree Program, and Continuing Education students. The primary usage is to ingest...Read more

Net-Print is a printing service offered by Cornell Information Technologies (CIT). It's a fast, easy, and inexpensive way to print. With Net-Print, you can use any networked computer to send files over the campus network to...Read more

Academic Technologies provides web server space for deploying static HTML-based web pages. Static websites are hosted on a shared Linux platform and are served using the Apache web server. By default, the service provides a UNIX shell account accessible via SSH and SFTP and a limited amount of...Read more

Two different web hosting services are available from Academic Technologies: static and dynamic.

The dynamic hosting service is based on Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP (LAMP). It allows web developers to create websites with dynamic content and databases. Site developers may install...Read more

Due to changes being made by Qualtrics to improve email delivery, when using the Qualtrics Mailer in Cornell's survey service, it will soon be necessary to use as the "From Address" either the default or an address set up by contacting ...Read more

This service converts media into digital formats to be used in course instruction. Customers are required to review, acknowledge, and accept Cornell guidelines regarding copyright and fair use.

For more information on what we can convert into digital formats visit the...Read more

Lecture Capture is a self-service application that allows instructors to record lectures from their own computer, a classroom computer, or capture device.

For more details on which option to use visit...Read more