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Book a Study Space lets students reserve space in a room designated for studying. The app is available in Cornell Chatter (website and app). We anticipate significant student desire for study spaces and therefore the inventory of spaces included in the...Read more

CU Print is in the initial launch phase and not generally available yet. For now, Net-Print continues to be the campus printing service. Some locations that offer printing with Net-Print are not open for student use during fall semester 2020 due to COVID-19...Read more

As a custodian of institutional information, you are responsible for the Cornell data sent, stored, or shared on the information technology (IT) software, services, and devices -- whether personally owned or university-owned -- that you use. This responsibility includes choosing appropriate...Read more

Scheduling@Cornell is an academic and event scheduling application with a modern, intuitive interface that supports students, faculty, and staff in a variety of ways:

One-stop university academic and event scheduling system to request locations on campus. Event Schedulers can access...Read more

Due to changes being made by Qualtrics to improve email delivery, when using the Qualtrics Mailer in Cornell's survey service, it will be necessary to use as the "From" address either the default "From" address of or an address set up in advance by contacting...Read more

Apps on Demand is Cornell's implementation of Amazon AppStream 2.0, which allows users to access desktop applications through their HTML5-capable web browsers. This service provides specialized software necessary for coursework, without requiring each student to purchase the application....Read more