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Install Spirion: Windows

The information in this article is intended technical staff who support end-users. It is unusual for an end-user to need this information.

The current version (as of December 2017) is 10.0.3.

Upgrading an existing installation? Always install new versions of Spirion from this page. The version on this page includes pre-configured settings not present in the versions available directly from the vendor.
  1. Download the Spirion for Windows installer.
  2. If you are asked to save the file, click Save File.
    The SpirionSetup file is saved on your computer. It may be on your desktop or in the folder where downloads are saved, for example, \My Documents\Downloads.
  3. Double-click SpirionSetup.msi.
  4. You may see a security warning. Click Run. The set up wizard will start.
  5. Follow the instructions in the wizard. Unless you know you want a Custom installation, choose the Typical option.
  6. When the Wizard is finished, click Finish.

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