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IT Security Liaisons

This article applies to: Security & Policy

Security Liaisons are charged with ensuring appropriate measures are taken in response to a security incident. If your department doesn't have a Security Liaison, contact your local IT support or, if you don't have local IT support, the IT Service Desk.

Unit Security Liaison email Alternate email
Admissions and Enrollment Buschini, Steve Moravek, Martin
Agriculture and Life Sciences

Caforio, Pete

Baese, Jase
Alumni Affairs and Development Tily, Lorrie Stensland, Lisa
Art, Architecture and Planning Hafner, Andre McCool, Patrick
Arts and Sciences Christensen, Chris Strickland, Frank
Audit Yearwood, Geoffrey
BTI (Boyce Thompson Institute) Callahan, Aaron
CIT Desktop Support Taber, Donna
Continuing Education Dobson, Graham Yeung, Ray
Cornell Cooperative Extension Russell, Heather Glowa, Charlene
Division of Financial Affairs Dwyer, Dan Coville, Jeff
Einaudi Center Baschnagel, Walt
Engineering & CIS Juers, David W. Abdullah, Dora
Graduate School Buschini, Steve Moravek, Martin
Hotel Administration Parry, Doug Michaels, Rob
Human Ecology Miller, Mary Hine, Richard
Human Resources Brahler, Seth
Industrial and Labor Relations Bishop, Jeff Radzik, Michael
Investment Office Salm, Michael
Johnson School Baradet, Kevin Leiter, Mike
Lab of Ornithology Gerbracht, Jeff Childs, David
Law School Lem, Ben
Library Magnus, Pete Warner, Simeon
Infrastructure, Property and Planning Howell, Debra
Planning and Budget Wheeler, Mark Brockner, Josh
Research - ACSF Flaherty, John
Research - Biotech/BT Flaherty, John
Research - CAC Reynolds, Resa
Research - CCAPS Shannon, Tom
Research - CCMR Iyer, Vivek
Research - CLASSE Pulver, James
Research - CNF Botsch, David
Research - ISS Taber, Donna
Research - LASSP + KIC Robinson, Barry (Ralph)
Research - NBTC Flaherty, John
Research - OVPR (RAIS) Tracy, Michael
Research - SRI Taber, Donna
Research - WICMB Chrysler, Adam
Student Services IT Buschini, Steve Moravek, Martin
Social Sciences Heslop, Janet Burlingame, Kim
University Communications (currently vacant)
Veterinary Medicine Moheed, Ameen Corbett, Sam

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