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Using the Analog Switchhook

Using the Analog Switchhook

The switchhook is the push button on the phone cradle. On an analog phone, you will use it to activate certain features and to disconnect calls.

  • To activate features, press and release the switchhook quickly. You will hear the recall dial tone.
  • To disconnect a call, press the switchhook and hold for three seconds. You will hear a regular dial tone.
Warning: Avoid being charged for two calls at once. If you release the switchhook too soon between calls, you can inadvertently place a call on hold when you really mean to disconnect. If this happens, you may be charged for two simultaneous calls. Be sure to hold the switchhook down for 3 seconds to disconnect a call. CIT will not issue credit for "switchhook billing" of two simultaneous calls.

To be sure you disconnect

  1. Keep the phone to your ear so you can hear the tones.
  2. Hold the switchhook down for three seconds.
  3. Listen carefully for the tones before making your next call;
    • the recall dial tone (three short tones followed by a regular dial tone) means you have not disconnected
    • the regular dial tone means you have disconnected.

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