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Wired Network: Students

Students using computers in a residence hall

Network Connections in Your Residence Hall

Get connected to the Internet from any Cornell Residence Hall

Cornell student housing is a Wi-Fi community, with the exception of Ecology House, and provides connectivity to the campus network and access to the Internet. Wi-Fi is available in most university residential halls and some fraternities and sororities. Students should connect to the eduroam Wi-Fi network.

Please note, the wired network is being phased out next year to focus on improving campus Wi-Fi coverage. Currently, if Wi-Fi is not sufficient in your student room, then the wired network is still available. Ecology House has minimal Wi-Fi and offers a wired network for students.

Active wired network jacks in residence halls/houses are accessible for use with computers or other network-ready devices. This includes routers, game consoles, Internet-ready TVs, streaming video receivers, etc. The process for network registration has been standardized and consolidated into a single system. As a result of this change, a registered device can be used on any active jack on campus administered by CIT. To register a device, please see the Cornell Network Registration and Security System page.

The type of wired network service available to you is defined by the location where you reside (see Bundled and Unbundled Locations to find your residence hall/house). Bundled locations include one active wired network jack per person. For unbundled residence locations, network connections will have to be activated upon request and monthly and one-time charges are applicable; please see the Fees and Billing and the Activate Student Wired Network Service pages for more information. If eduroam Wi-Fi is available in your residence hall/house you have the option to use either the wired network service, eduroam Wi-Fi, or both. Network Usage-Based Billing (NUBB) fees will be calculated based on your combined usage of both the wired network and Wi-Fi services above the 250 GB of FREE monthly usage.

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