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View Broadcast Messages (Remedy Classic View)

The View Broadcast feature allows the Remedy Administrators (not local admins) to send messages to the Remedy user base alerting the users of bugs that are found in the application.

This article applies to: Remedy

The goal of using this feature is to provide you with communication about issues within the application as quickly as we can.

The Remedy Service Management team will not be using the Broadcast feature for any other types of announcements (for example, updates to the application, enhancements, planned outages, etc.).

View Broadcast Messages

On most consoles (the application console, the incident console, etc.), just under the home icon, you'll see a link reading either New Broadcast or View Broadcast.

  • New Broadcast means that a broadcast has been created since the last time you opened the View Broadcasts dialog box. Click the link to open that dialog box now.
  • View Broadcast means that there are no new broadcasts. Click the link if you want to review earlier broadcast messages.

In the View Broadcasts dialog box, click a message in the table to see a preview of the message text.

After selecting a message, click View to open the detailed Broadcast dialog box.

If the broadcast message includes an attachment, with the detailed Broadcast dialog box open, click the attachment's name, then click Display or Save to Disk.


  • Once you have opened the View Broadcasts dialog box, Remedy will change the link from "New" to "View," whether you have actually read each existing broadcast or not.
  • There is no visual indicator to tell you which messages you have read and which you have not.

Set Your Pop-Up Preferences

You can choose whether Remedy will automatically open the View Broadcasts dialog box when there is a new broadcast.

  1. On any console, under Functions, click Application Preferences. An Application Preferences dialog box will open.
  2. Click the Broadcast tab (you may need to scroll the tabs to see it).
  3. For Broadcast Auto Popup, select one of the following:
    • Never - the pop-up window will never appear automatically. You will need to click the View Broadcast or New Broadcast link (as described above).
    • On Console Open - when you first open a console, if there is a new broadcast message, the View Broadcasts dialog box will open.
    • On Console Refresh - each time you refresh a console, if there is a new broadcast message, the View Broadcasts dialog box will open.
  4. Click Save.
  5. If you changed your preference, the change will take effect the next time you log in to Remedy.

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