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Send Email from Incident Records (Remedy Smart IT)

This article applies to: Remedy

  1. Open the incident from either Console or Dashboard view.
  2. Below the black menu bar, to the right of the incident title, click the curved-arrow icon. This will cause an Email this incident link to appear. Click the link.
  3. In the Compose Email window, fill out the To field and the body of the message.
  4. (Optional) Click the paperclip icon to attach a file to the message.
  5. Click Send when finished.


  • With the cursor in the To field, press the down arrow on your keyboard to see a list of all people (customer, assignee, etc.) associated with this incident. Mobile users can tap the To line to see this list.
  • With the cursor in the body of the email, type an exclamation point to see a list of fields that can be inserted into your message (Description, Status, etc.).

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