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Search Incidents (Remedy Classic View)

This article applies to: Remedy

  1. From the Overview Console , on the right just above the table, click Search For Ticket.
  2. In the Select Request Type dialog box that opens, select Incident, then click Select.
  3. Enter whatever information you have (Incident ID, NetID, Name, Summary phrase, etc.) into the Incident Request form.
  4. Click Search near the bottom of the screen.

You can enter the complete Incident ID, or use the Remedy wildcard character — % — when searching. For example, any of the following will enter find INC000001429937:


Of course, searches that use the wildcard may return more than one result.

The search result screen is split into two parts. The top panel shows your search result(s), and the bottom shows information from the Incident Request form for the currently selected incident. You can adjust the size of the two panels by dragging on the gray bar between the two panels.

Single-click an incident and you will see that the Incident Request form updates. You can work on the form from the bottom panel of the search area.

You can perform a new search by clicking the New Search button near the top.

You can return to the Incident Management Console by clicking the Incident Console link in the header, next to the Home icon.

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