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Resolve Incidents (Remedy Smart IT)

This article applies to: Remedy

  1. Access the ticket through the Console view or the Dashboard.
  2. Complete these fields:
    1. Incident Description - add a description of the problem if one has not already been added
    2. Affected Service
      To see all services, type %%% (three percent signs with no spaces)
      CIT services have a three-dot prefix
      Generic services have a four-dash prefix
    3. Assignee to - set this to yourself (only the assignee can set status to "resolved")
    4. Operational Category - type to find matches or click Browse Category to search
    5. Product Category - enter the product name
  3. Click the current ticket status.
  4. In the Update Status pane that opens, set Incident Status to Resolved.
  5. Set Status Reason to No Further Action Required.
  6. In the Resolution Note field, enter an explanation of how the incident was resolved. If your support group is configured to send out resolution notices, this field will be shared with the customer.
  7. Click Save.

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