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Remedy Fees

This article applies to: Remedy

The only fee associated with Remedy is the licensing fee. For campus IT departments the licensing fee is paid centrally through the CIO Office. There are no charges for application hosting, configuration, support, training, upgrades, reporting, version releases, etc. There is even a process for submitting, reviewing, and when possible adding enhancements to the application.

For non-IT departments, here is a brief overview of the different types of licenses used for the Remedy application:

  • Read Access (Free): allows users access to view data and update the work detail information in an incident. Read licenses do not allow the user to change customer info, assign an incident and resolve/close a ticket.
  • Floating License ($112/month for 5 licensed users): This license allows users full read/write access of the application. The floating license fee allows many users to have access, but only five users have access to the application at the same time.
  • Fixed License ($44/user/month): This type of license is for a single user who uses the application full time.

A department can mix and match whichever array of licenses makes sense for their needs.

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