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Relate Similar Incidents (Remedy Smart IT)

This article applies to: Remedy

Information on other tickets or entities can help you to diagnose the ticket you are currently working on. You might also know of other existing tickets that in some way are related to the ticket that you are working on. Perhaps the ticket you are working was caused by another incident, or the incident that you are working on has caused another incident. When these types of relationships exist, you can create links among tickets so that others who are working with you to resolve the issue are aware of the broader context in which they are working, or can view information that can be helpful to them.

  1. After opening the detailed view of the ticket, click the Related Items tab near the bottom of the record.
  2. Click + Related Item to add an item. A Relate Items pane will open.
  3. Select a type from the Item Type dropdown list.
  4. Enter a keyword, title, or incident number in the Search field, then press Enter.
  5. Select the appropriate incident from the list of results by putting a check in the box next to its icon.
  6. At the bottom of the Relate Items pane, select the appropriate entry in the Relationship Type dropdown list, then click Save.

A reference to the related record is added to the Related Items tab.

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