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Log Time/Effort in Incidents (Remedy Classic View)

If you are asked to record the time it takes to work on an incident, you can do this in the Remedy Classic interface. Your total effort across incidents is automatically saved in the Assignment Log.

This article applies to: Remedy

  1. From the Overview Console (or Incident Management Console) double-click the incident where you want to record your time. This opens the Incident Request form.
  2. In the Assigned Group box, next to the name of the Assignee, click the clock icon. This opens the Effort Time Spent window.
  3. Using the up and down arrows or by typing in the Effort Time Spent Minutes field, enter the new total time spent. For example, if the field current reads "30" and you have spent an additional 15 minutes, enter 45.
  4. Click Close. You'll be returned to the Incident Request form.

Your time will be captured in Remedy when you save the incident.

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