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Create Work Orders (Remedy Classic View)

  1. From the Overview Console, click Create.
  2. In the small Select Request Type window, select Work Order, then click Select.
  3. In the Work Order form, for Customer type the customer's NetID. As you type, a list of matches will appear. Select the desired match.
  4. For Summary, enter a brief description.
  5. For Service, select the appropriate general service.
  6. For Work Order Type, select either General or Project as appropriate for your organization.
  7. Select values for Support Group Name and Request Manager.
  8. Set Status to Assigned.
  9. (optional) Select the Vendor Group and enter the Vendor Ticket Number, if known.
  10. (optional) For Notes, enter work order details.
  11. Click the Categorization tab.
  12. Under Operational Categorization, use the drop-down menus to select an operation category that best describes the work order.
  13. For Product Name, enter the name of the product then press Enter on your keyboard.
  14. Click Save.

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