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Create New Incidents with Smart Recorder (Remedy Smart IT)

This article applies to: Remedy

  1. From the Ticket Console, click Smart Recorder.
  2. Beginning with the @ symbol and a letter, enter the beginning of the customer’s name, NetID, or email address, then select the customer from the list of all possible matches that pops up. The customer's contact information will auto-populate some fields.
  3. Start describing the issue by entering an issue type, term, or phrase. The system will search for suggested resources, including templates and knowledge articles. If you know the service, you can add that in the toolbar as well by typing @servicename. The system will search for related services, cross-referenced with previously referenced people, locations, issues, or assets. This same rules apply for assets with @assetname.
  4. If there is an applicable template, select it, then click Create Incident. Review the ticket data, filling in any required fields and additional information, then click Confirm + Save. You're done.
  5. If there is no relevant template, click Create Ticket, then select Create Incident.
  6. Click the edit icon (pencil) in the Affected Service pane.
  7. Enter the Affected Service name.
    CIT services have a three-dot prefix.
    Generic services have a four-dash prefix.
  8. Click Save, then click Confirm + Save.

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