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Search in Outlook 2013 for Windows

This article applies to: Outlook 2013 for Windows

You can search for a particular message by clicking on the folder where the message is stored, then typing any part of the message or its headers (for example, the sender's name or email address) in the search box in the title bar of the folder. Outlook will begin searching as soon as you begin typing.

If you type more than one word, Outlook looks for them separately (not consecutively), and only shows messages with all the words.

To search for a phrase, put the phrase in quotation marks.

To return to a view of all the items in a folder, click the X next to the search box or Close Search in the ribbon.

When you start typing a search term, the ribbon will switch to Search Tools, which give you many options for

  • which folders to search:
    • Current Folder
    • Current Folder and subfolders
    • Current Mailbox
    • All Outlook Items (includes Calendar and Tasks)
  • what fields to search
    • From
    • Subject
  • and other options.

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