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Onboarding is the process of bringing a unit or department into the Endpoint Management Tools service. (It does not refer to the state of individual computers.)

In order for the Endpoint Management Tools service to work properly in your environment, the CIT Desktop Engineering team...Read more

When you redact (sometimes called scrubbing) files in Spirion, the original file is saved in the original location, but the instance of confidential data is masked. For example, where a Social Security number is redacted, you'll see something like "XXXXX1085."

Redacting does not erase...Read more

Shredding Files in Spirion permanently removes the files from your computer. You cannot recover shredded files.

Warning: Using Spirion to shred email will shred or corrupt your entire mailbox. If confidential data is identified in an email message, to...Read more

Your list of possible confidential data matches may include "false positives." A false positive is something that looked like confidential data to Spirion, but is not. You can ignore false positives. They will be skipped in future scans (unless they are changed).

Ignore Files If necessary...Read more

After the scan is finished, you'll need to look at each possible match and decide how to handle it.

Is it Confidential Data? Action Details Step-by-Step No Ignore The match was a false positive. Files...Read more