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Once a filespace is deleted, all backups in that filespace are immediately and permanently removed from the EZ-Backup server. There is no possibility of accessing the backups after they are deleted.

Start up the TSM Backup Client (Start - (All) Programs - Tivoli Storage Manager - Backup...Read more

If you experience problems (as described below), use the Setup Wizard available in the TSM Backup Client.

These procedures require full administrator privileges and may require a reboot of the system.

Launch the Setup Wizard Start up the TSM Backup Client (Start - (All) Programs...Read more
Start up the TSM Backup Client (From the Start Menu, select Programs , then Tivoli Storage Manager , then Backup Archive GUI ). If prompted to Login into a TSM server, check that the User id...Read more
User Experience

Attempts to start TSM Scheduler service fail, with following messages written to the TSM Scheduler Log:

MM/DD/YYYY hh:mm:ss ANS0299E Scheduler cannot be started manually because the value of MANAGEDSERVICES option is SCHEDULE.

MM...Read more

User Experience

When attempting to restore files on a Windows 7 system using the TSM GUI Client, you

find no files in the "My Documents" folder shown in the TSM GUI Client; OR can't find the "My Music"/"My Pictures"/"My Video" folders in the TSM GUI client How to Solve this Problem

The...Read more