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If you experience problems (as described below), use the Setup Wizard available in the TSM Backup Client.

These procedures require full administrator privileges and may require a reboot of the system.

Launch the Setup Wizard Start up the TSM Backup Client (Start - (All) Programs...Read more
Start up the TSM Backup Client (From the Start Menu, select Programs , then Tivoli Storage Manager , then Backup Archive GUI ). If prompted to Login into a TSM server, check that the User id...Read more
User Experience

Attempts to start TSM Scheduler service fail, with following messages written to the TSM Scheduler Log:

MM/DD/YYYY hh:mm:ss ANS0299E Scheduler cannot be started manually because the value of MANAGEDSERVICES option is SCHEDULE.

MM...Read more

User Experience

When attempting to restore files on a Windows 7 system using the TSM GUI Client, you

find no files in the "My Documents" folder shown in the TSM GUI Client; OR can't find the "My Music"/"My Pictures"/"My Video" folders in the TSM GUI client How to Solve this Problem

The...Read more

In an effort to reduce EZ-Backup storage charges, some users choose to back up only the folders that contain user documents. This method has serious repercussions in situations such as hard drive failures or lost systems, since operating system and application files can no longer be restored...Read more

This process assumes that the TSM client software was installed using the documentation and installer provided by the EZ-Backup Service.

Start the TSM GUI client.
( Start -> All Programs -> Tivoli Storage Manager -> Backup-Archive GUI ) From the Utilities menu...Read more

TSM generates an error log file containing any errors generated by the Tivoli Storage Manager application and services.

By default, you'll find the scheduler log in the following location:

C:\Program Files\Tivoli\TSM\baclient\dsmerror.log

If you have...Read more