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How can I request a code signing certificate? Send your request to the IT Service Desk . Specify the contact email address you would like to appear in your certificate. The IT Service Desk will initiate a code signing certificate invitation. You will get an...Read more
Recipient Rights

With Recipient rights, a copy of messages sent to the account are delivered to your Exchange account.

You do NOT need to configure your account to receive these messages; do NOT use the links in the Access Rights section below. An administrator for the...Read more

These instructions are only for those people who have accounts on the Office 365 service (Exchange in the cloud) and use Windows. All faculty, staff, retirees, and graduate and professional students have Exchange accounts.

Initial Setup

The first time you launch Outlook 2016 for...Read more

You will need an account with administrative rights on your computer.

If you have a managed desktop, contact your local technical support provider to perform this installation for you. Tech support providers should see our...Read more

Open the message. Click the small, downward-facing arrow next to the Reply arrow icon near the top right of the message window, just under the Subject of the message. Select Show original . A separate window will open, showing a...Read more

This page describes the special handling required to back up encrypted volumes, which are "containers" that hold encrypted files and folders.

Another method is Whole-Disk Encryption (WDE). If you use WDE, no special procedures are needed, assuming you have entered the WDE password or...Read more