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You will not be able to enable FileVault on a computer that is managed by Cornell IT staff, because encryption will already be setup. If you are not sure whether your computer is managed, please contact your support provider.

To enable FileVault on a non-managed Mac computer, please see Apple's...Read more

Encryption is the process of scrambling data to make it unreadable to anyone who does not possess the proper key. When you encrypt an entire disk using FileVault, all of the files on the computer are encrypted, including:

Operating system files Application files Data files Swap files Free...Read more
User Experience

When attempting to print from a personal (non-lab) computer, the user is prompted for NetID, printer becomes paused, PaperCut popup never appears.

How to Solve This Problem If you are using Mac OS X 10.10 (Yosemite)

The Net-Print Mac installer was...Read more

When installing the Macintosh CU VPN client, you receive an error that the vpn.pkg file is damaged.

How to Solve this Problem

The error message is misleading; the installation package is not damaged. However, a security setting on your Mac is preventing the...Read more

Zoom is provided free of charge for current faculty, staff, students, and affiliates at all Cornell campuses. You automatically have a Cornell Zoom account. Just install the software and you'll be ready to go.

Attendees of Zoom...Read more

Select eduroam from the Airport menu bar item.

When prompted, enter: Username: Your, for example Password: Your NetID password. Click Join .

When prompted to examine the server's...Read more
Get Online

Connect to eduroam, Cornell's secure wireless (Wi-Fi) network, to access the Internet, keep everything you do online private, and use your eduroam account at other eduroam institutions .

Select the eduroam Wi-Fi network . Sign in with...Read more

Skillsoft offers thousands of courses, videos, and books at no fee for active Cornell faculty, staff, and students. The following topics are represented: Analyst Research, Business Skills, Compliance, Desktop Skills, Engineering, Government, IT Skills, Well-being, and Certification.

...Read more

To use CU VPN with Cornell campus networks and services, you must use the Cisco AnyConnect VPN software. Built-in Windows and Mac OSX software will not work.

Supported operating systems:

Windows 7 (both 32- and 64-bit versions) Mac OS X or macOS, version 10.9 or higher iPhone and...Read more