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How can Cornell safeguard privacy if the email service is provided by Google?

Cornell's commitment to privacy has not changed as a consequence of offering G Suite.

As with all decisions that Cornell makes regarding information technologies, privacy and...Read more

You can grant others permission to see your calendar. You choose the level of detail (when you're free or busy, the subject of the event, or the details of the event). You also have the option of marking a calendar item as Private; this removes all privileges except seeing that you are busy for...Read more

This information is intended for technical support providers. End-users should contact their technical support for assistance. Open System Preferences , then select Security & Privacy . Click the ...Read more
You will not be able to enable FileVault on a computer that is managed by Cornell IT staff, because encryption will already be setup. If you are not sure whether your computer is managed, please contact your support provider.

To enable FileVault on a non-managed Mac computer, please see Apple's...Read more

Encryption is the process of scrambling data to make it unreadable to anyone who does not possess the proper key. When you encrypt an entire disk using FileVault, all of the files on the computer are encrypted, including:

Operating system files Application files Data files Swap files Free...Read more