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Office 2016 includes Skype for Business, so if you have Office 2016 installed, you probably already have Skype.

We strongly recommend that users contact their local technical support providers before installing Skype. Local TSPs are best positioned to know how Skype should be installed and...Read more

Chats view shows you recent conversations (IM sessions) you've had.

Click on a chat to review or continue it.

You can delete a saved conversation by right-clicking (or ctrl-clicking) it, then selecting Delete .

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In Contacts View, click an entry in your Contacts list or search for a person's entry. Their Contact Card will appear on the right.

Click one of the icons below their name to begin the desired type of session.

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Microsoft Skype for Business is a unified communications tool for Cornell faculty, staff, and students. It provides

instant messaging presence (a combination of your availability and willingness to communicate; helps users approach their colleagues at the right time and through the right...Read more

The software for the EZ-Backup service underwent major changes between version 7.1 and version 8.1. IBM changed the name to IBM Spectrum Protect (formerly Tivoli Storage Manager) and the look of the interface has changed. Most of the controls and procedures are either exactly the same or very...Read more

MacOS systems can have a unique set of issues when accessing CIFS. This article is intended to list issues and potential work-arounds experienced. Apple apparently redesigned their CIFS-stack in their OS with release 10.8. Internet speculation is that 10.7 was the last release using SAMBA....Read more

This can happen if the files found are outside the user's permission range, that is, they require admin credentials to access. Escalate to your local technical support. They will either handle the files themselves or give you access to the locations.

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