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You must have administrative privileges to install the CU VPN software on your computer. After you install the AnyConnect client, the software will be upgraded to newer versions automatically. Allow the client to upgrade when it requests permission.

Enter the following:

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How do I generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) file in Microsoft IIS 6.0 without removing the existing certificate?

To generate a new CSR without removing the current certificate, a temporary website must be created. This workaround will apply for IIS servers that currently have...Read more

Every time a Unix (Linux or Solaris) server is started (rebooted or restarted), the area manager, technical contacts, and watchers for that server are notified by email. See sample notification message listed below.

Need Help Before Restart If your server needs to be...Read more

VPN allows remote computers to connect and assume an IP address in the Cornell address space. This allows off-campus connections to campus resources that would otherwise not be possible because of routing or firewall restrictions.

VPN users must install Cisco VPN software.

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Spirion (formerly Identity Finder) scans your hard drive, website, or other collection of files to identify confidential data, such as Social Security, credit card, or bank account numbers. When the scan is complete, it produces a list of files that may contain confidential data.

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CIT uses Opsview to monitor all servers and attached services. The following conditions are monitored by default:

It's possible to request additional monitoring, for example, web traffic for a web server. Disk space Server down Networking CPU utilization Paging file utilization Physical...Read more

Shared File Services (SFS) provide file storage which enables sharing of files between groups of users and computers.

Support either the CIFS or...Read more