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Viewing Departmental Billing Reports

This article applies to: CIT Online Bills

How to View Departmental Billing Reports

  1. Access to billing information is available at CIT Services Bills & Reports.
  2. Select the Reports tab in the upper right hand corner.
    Pinnacle reports tab
  3. Select All Reports, then click Search.
    Pinnacle search for reports
  4. Click the title of the report to view.
  5. Click Run.
  6. Fill out the Report Parameters, then click Run.
    Pinnacle report parameters  
  7. Your report will run in a separate web browser or tab (watch for this running in the background).
    Waiting message
  8. Open the PDF file.

View Previously Generated Reports

  1. Select the Outputs tab.
  2. Select Search
    Pinnacle report outputs
  3. You will also see your IT Faculty/Staff Communications Charges for month and year in this list. Most recent reports will appear at the top.

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