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CIT Mission and Values

This article applies to: Office of the CIO

CIT Mission

We partner with the Cornell community to deliver efficient, reliable, and innovative technology solutions that consistently meet the needs of our customers.

CIT Values

As members of the Cornell community, we support the core themes articulated in the Cornell mission and vision.

In addition, to meet our mission, we have adopted the following core values:

  • Accountability – We set clear goals and priorities, communicate expectations, and take responsible actions to ensure obligations are met.
  • Agility – We rapidly adapt and respond to changes in the IT environment and customer expectations, develop solutions that are cost-effective, and nimbly adjust our practices in response to emerging opportunities.
  • Innovation – We continuously evaluate our products, services, and processes to create new and improved solutions that meet or exceed our customers’ needs. 
  • Customer Service Orientation – We collaborate with customers to determine their requirements, design solutions that meet their needs, and deliver quality results on time and on budget.
  • Trustworthy – We are reliable, honest, open, and comport ourselves with integrity to build trusting relationships with our customers and peers.  We act in an ethical manner.

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