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CIT Mission and Values

This article applies to: Office of the CIO

CIT Mission

We partner across the Cornell community to deliver efficient, reliable, and innovative technology solutions to consistently meet the needs of our customers.

CIT Values

As members of the Cornell community, we support Cornell's mission, vision, and core values.

  • Purposeful Discovery
  • Free and Open Inquiry and Expression
  • A Community of Belonging
  • Exploration Across Boundaries
  • Changing Lives Through Public Engagement
  • Respect for the Natural Environment

In addition, to advance CIT's mission, we have adopted the following core values.

Customer Service

  • Customer Experience: Keep the customer's needs at the forefront of every decision, ensure their voice is heard, and create lasting, positive impressions.
  • Collaboration: Partner with teams inside and outside CIT to champion the university's mission and drive exceptional results.
  • Success: Know what success means to the customer and empower them to achieve it.


  • Curiosity: Remain open-minded, continuously learn, and encourage others to think creatively.
  • Courage: Challenge the decisions of the past, encourage experimentation, and welcome learning from mistakes on the path to success.
  • Efficiency: Continually set the bar higher, deliver strong, scalable solutions, and minimize technical debt.


  • Cost Effectiveness: Achieve the best possible pricing and terms for purchases, while continuing to meet the current and future needs of the Cornell community.
  • Investment: Strategically target funds to maximize positive outcomes and return on investment.
  • Optimization: Embrace opportunities to simplify, standardize, and automate to promote sustainability and mitigate costs and risks.


  • Trust: Earn the confidence of others by engaging honestly, reliably, and with transparency.
  • Accountability: Own everything you do.
  • Inclusion: Be empathetic, advocate for diversity, and promote accessibility.

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