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What is SharePoint?

This article applies to: Office 365 Productivity Bundle

Cornell SharePoint enables web-based collaboration for groups of all sizes and serves a wide range of uses for:

  • Workgroups
  • Cross-departmental teams
  • Projects
  • Workflows
  • Information gathering and sharing
  • And more!

A Multipurpose Solution for a Wide Range of Business Needs

Store, sync, and share documents, files, and information. Keep everyone on the same page. Stay on track and deliver on time. Find what you need. Make informed decisions and improve your processes.

The flexible nature of SharePoint allows you to adapt it to your business requirements. At the same time, standard templates for the most common needs are available to help you get a SharePoint space up and running quickly. A rich set of out-of-the-box capabilities makes it easy to organize, view, and use your information in many different ways, depending on your needs at the moment.

Keep Important Things From Getting Lost

SharePoint makes it easier for group resources to reside in a location that’s easy to access for any member of the group at any time, even as new people are added or the group changes in other ways. It's a way to keep information and tools from being buried in individual group members' email accounts or lost in a fileserver or a single person's hard drive.

Other Features

Shared document management, with rich versioning options and the ability to recover deleted items for thirty days.
Project or team calendars that can connect with individuals' calendar in Cornell’s Office 365 system.

Connect across the university by using SharePoint to engage with colleagues, share ideas, and reinvent how you work together.

Whether working as a team or an individual, SharePoint helps you organize information, people, and projects.

SharePoint makes it easy to find answers, discover insights, and connect with other people at Cornell who are working on the same things you are.

Developers and web designers can create new experiences on SharePoint using familiar tools and internet standards.

See more uses at Microsoft's Discover SharePoint site.

Getting Started

CIT works with IT Service Groups and technology partners across the university to deploy independent "site collections" for individual schools and departments.

Once a site collection has been created, faculty and staff may request a SharePoint site from their college or department’s site collection administrator. Designated local technical staff members act as site owners and design and manage sites to best serve local faculty and staff needs. If you don't know who this is for your college or unit, ask your local technical support provider.

CIT coordinates licensing agreements with Microsoft, maintains the university's overall SharePoint Online environment, implements settings as determined by Cornell's SharePoint Advisory Group, provides training opportunities, and provisions site collections upon request to IT Service Groups or other designated campus IT groups. Other support, including end-user support, is provided by site collection administrators, their designated support providers, or Cornell Custom Web Development or other developers contracted by site collection administrators.

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