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Learn to Use OBIEE

OBIEE+ is the Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition, plus a suite of business intelligence tools that enables reporting and analysis for Cornell's business areas. Cornell's OBIEE+ license includes Hyperion (formerly Brio), the reporting tool that the campus community used extensively for the last decade. OBIEE is replacing Brio-Hyperion as the centrally supported business intelligence reporting tool.

OBIEE Answers Training

OBIEE Answers is the tool used to build an ad hoc query and associated views of data such as tables, pivots, or charts. It is the equivalent of using a Brio/Hyperion Model to build an ad hoc query or report. Together, the query and one or more views are referred to as an Analysis or an Answers request. The query is built from a set of tables and columns displayed in a Windows-like directory referred to as a presentation catalog for a specific Subject Area, which is essentially the underlying data model for a certain business process.

The business owners of the data are responsible for authorizing individuals to use Answers against their data, and training is a prerequisite to that access. Typically, a data access authorizer approves your access to OBIEE Answers training. If you have any questions, please email Cornell's Business Intelligence team.

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