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Zoom to Enforce Stricter Upgrade Requirements Starting November 1

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In response to customer feedback, Zoom will be delaying the update requirement described below. Nonetheless, it is strongly recommended that Cornell users keep Zoom client programs and apps updated regularly. 

Beginning November 1, 2021, Zoom will require all users to keep their copies of Zoom updated to within nine months of the most recent release. Any copies of Zoom older than this will prompt an upgrade to the current version before launching.

For example, if the latest version of Zoom was released in October 2021, any user with a copy released before February 2021 will see the prompt to update Zoom when they start the app.

This requirement will apply to desktop clients, mobile apps, and Zoom Rooms software.

Cornell has always strongly encouraged users follow best practices and keep all installed software as current as possible to protect against online security vulnerabilities and to enjoy the latest program features.

For details about how to stay current with Zoom, visit IT@Cornell’s Check Your Zoom Application Version and Upgrade to the Most Recent Version. Users with Cornell-managed devices can update their software through the Zoom application or install Zoom updates when they are delivered through Software Center (Windows) or Self Service (Macs).

To read more about this requirement, visit 9-month release window in Zoom’s online support documentation.

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