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Zoom Calendar and Contacts Integration Disabled for Some Users, Following Azure Authentication Update

Some users have reported that a recent update to the Microsoft Azure sign-in process for Office 365 has disabled the integration between the Zoom desktop client and the Office 365 calendar.

For full details on how to restore the integration, visit Zoom Issue: Restore Zoom Integration with Office 365 Calendar.

  • This issue specifically affects Zoom's Calendar and Contacts Integration with Outlook 365, which allows a user’s Zoom desktop client to display meetings and contacts from their Outlook calendar. It should not be confused with the Zoom add-in for the Outlook calendar, which allows users to add Zoom meeting information to an Outlook calendar event. That add-in is not affected by this issue.
  • When this issue has occurred, if a user has previously enabled the calendar integration, instead of seeing upcoming meetings on the Zoom desktop client Home screen, they will instead see an Add a Calendar link.
  • For some users, their Zoom profile settings (scroll down to Other heading) may still indicate that the integration is enabled, even if it has been disabled by this issue. Regardless, if a user has previously enabled the Zoom calendar integration and now sees the Add a calendar message, they need to restore the integration.

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