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Zoom Audio Issues and Ways to Address Them

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In response to reports of audio quality issues in Zoom meetings, investigation has turned up a range of causes, rather than a single issue within the service. The vendor has suggested that it's possible some of the reported issues may be related to running older versions of Zoom. If you encounter audio problems in a Zoom meeting, check what version of the application you're running, and if necessary, update to the most recent version.

Note: There have been two cases where much older versions of Zoom triggered a message that they were up to date. To confirm you have the latest version, check to make sure by following the instructions using Zoom’s webpage at the link above to confirm you have 4.1.28245.0717 or higher.

If the Zoom application is up to date, other factors might be the audio input or microphone device being used, the size and configuration of the room, or the interaction of these characteristics. Please contact the IT Service Desk if you have unresolved Zoom audio issues and a CIT Web Conferencing specialist will investigate.

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