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Winner of 2019 Cornell A11y Award

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Angela Mennitto, web communications specialist for Student and Campus Life, was announced as the winner of Cornell’s first annual A11y Award* on May 16, kicking off the university’s Celebration of Global Accessibility Awareness Day. 

Nineteen individuals and teams were nominated for the award, which celebrates an individual who demonstrates drive and responsibility in championing web accessibility at the university. Accessible websites are designed to be usable by anyone, regardless of device, language, culture, location, or physical or mental ability.

“Working in web communications for twenty years, I'm driven by getting people the information they need as effectively as possible. I think I missed my calling as a reference librarian,” said Mennitto. “The ideal starting point is where the concepts of accessible, universal, and usable design meet. Then extend those concepts to how your information is structured and maintained over time to ensure that anyone looking for information on your site can access it easily.”

Mennitto’s nomination noted how she has been a tireless advocate for web accessibility for many years. At the university level, she assisted with early efforts to put a web accessibility policy in place. Within her division, she has been a leader in accessibility efforts. She has coordinated discussion groups and regular training sessions, developed new workflow for content management, and encouraged colleagues and peers to “think accessibility” when creating procedures, web pages, and other materials.

Learn more about web accessibility, why it matters, and how you can help. 

*In the world of web accessibility, A11y is shorthand for “accessibility,” with the number 11 representing how many characters are between the “a” and the “y.”

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