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Why Use OneDrive?

This is part of a series of IT News articles about storage options available to Cornell faculty, students, and staff. Related articles focus on Microsoft options (this article, Teams file storage, and SharePoint libraries) and which needs each is best suited for. The series will also include Box, Box departmental folders, and Google Drive and Groups in January 2023. 

OneDrive, part of your Cornell Microsoft account, provides cloud storage for all your important documents, connected with the Microsoft apps many of us use every day. Your files are protected from the risk of damage to your devices, and they’re available anytime through your computer, phone, or tablet.  

Documents and files in Cornell OneDrive are private to you unless you choose to share them. You can review and edit them at Documents you've opened recently are listed in the Files section of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint apps for computers, phones, tablets, and the web. 

Faculty, students, and staff have one Terabyte of storage for Cornell coursework, research, or business. Selected content can be set up to sync between OneDrive and your computer (check with your IT support to make sure it's set to just those files and folders you want). On occasions when you'd like to share a document, that can be done easily, even to individuals who are outside Cornell. Once you've shared a file, OneDrive indicates that, and who you've shared it with.  

OneDrive lets you open and edit Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files right in the browser, so there's often no need to download and reupload files. Those times you want to edit a file in the full version of an Office app, you can open them in the app and changes are automatically saved to OneDrive.  

OneDrive keeps a record of previous versions of your files when you update them, so if you decide you like an earlier version better, you can go back to working with that version. 

More information about Cornell OneDrive. 
Go to your Cornell OneDrive.

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