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Why use Google Drive?

What makes Google Drive right for your storage needs?

If you collaborate with users outside of Cornell, particularly with international partners, it can be easier to use Drive with them. Some faculty members find the Google environment easier to use for their classes.

This article concludes a series about storage options at Cornell. File Storage at Cornell gives you an overview of your secure files storage options, with links to the different services for detailed information.

Google Drive is available through Google Workspace (for Students, and for Faculty and Staff). It allows university students, faculty, and staff to store, share, sync, and collaborate on their documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and other files. Drive allows collaboration within Cornell as well as with individuals outside of the University.

With Drive you can manipulate many different kinds of files (documents, slides, spreadsheets, et cetera) with Google’s editing software, creating files that are largely compatible with desktop programs like Microsoft Word or Numbers. Files are available in the cloud, and you can also make them available for offline editing.

There are two things to remember about Google products at Cornell:

  1. Size limitations; you have a total of 15GB of storage in the Google workspace.
  2. When you leave the university you will need to move your data to a personal Google account or it will be deleted.

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