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When to Deny a Two-Step Login Request

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Only approve Duo (Two-Step Login) prompts when you generated the request. Select Deny if it doesn't match your current activity or location. If it seems suspicious, select Yes to report it to the IT Security Office.

Do Not Approve a Two-Step Login Prompt If:

  • You are not expecting it
  • It's not for an app you are starting to use right now
  • It shows a different location from where you are

Duo displays the app name and place of the login attempt. If it doesn't match what you are doing and where you are, select Deny.

Duo mobile login displays the App name and the location of the login attempt. If it doesn't match your current activity or location, select Deny.


If Two-Step Login makes a request you are not expecting, someone may be trying to access your personal information.

If you deny a Duo request, you will see the following question:

Was this a suspicious login?

Choose Yes if you suspect someone is trying to access your account.

It's good to report fraudulent attempts.
Selecting Yes will trigger an alert to the IT Security Office. A Cornell security engineer will check whether someone tried to improperly use your identity to log in to a Cornell app. This will help protect your sensitive personal information.

Choose No if you selected Deny by accident.

Your Location and Privacy

Duo does not track your exact location. It only records broad geographic data for the city or country where the login originated, such as Ithaca, NY. Duo only records a location at the time of the login attempt.

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