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What is Your Big Data Challenge? Call for White Papers for IT@Cornell Symposium

The IT@Cornell Symposium on Big Data will be held Tuesday, December 11 and we want to hear about your big data challenges, concerns, and solutions. 

We are looking for white papers that either describes an interesting data problem that you solved and what questions it was designed to answer, or outlines an unsolved data challenge and questions you wish the university could answer, with the intent of getting new ideas or perspectives on how these challenges might be approached. We're using the term "big data" loosely to encompass any larger-scale administrative data challenge or question that people are contending with. Systems or approaches that are able to compile data, especially from disparate sources, with the goal of answering a university-level question, or a question that multiple units are asking, are a great fit. 

Submissions need only be one-page, about 500 words. 

Submissions due Friday, October 19, 2018. 

Visit IT@Cornell Symposium and submit a white paper today.

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