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Web Hosting That Fits Your Needs

What kind of website you need depends a lot on what you're trying to accomplish. The good news is that there are many options to choose from when it comes to web hosting. The downside is that there is such a wealth of choices that picking the one that's the very best fit can sometimes be difficult or confusing.

To address this dilemma, Custom Web Development has created a guide outlining what's available and can provide guidance, estimates, and custom work once you've narrowed down what you're interested in and are ready to make a final choice and start building your new website.

The Hosting Comparison Chart that outlines your options and the features of each can be downloaded from Box. This information is being developed for eventual availability as an online tool, but in response to customer interest, we’re providing it now in this interim form as a resource to support decisions that need to be made in coming months.

The services in it can be generally categorized as:

Static Web Hosting

Content Management Systems
CampusPress (WordPress)
Pantheon (WordPress and Drupal)
Acquia (Drupal)

Highly Customizable
Media3 (ColdFusion, LAMP)
Amazon Web Services (AWS) (CIT Cloud Services)
Managed Server

About Custom Development, your Cornell web partner
We're a talented team of higher education specialists who exclusively provide custom web solutions and support to our Cornell community. As part of Cornell we share the same goals, vision and priorities as you, and can develop a solution that meets your budget, yet also still meets Cornell standards for identity and web accessibility.

More information about the range of services provided by Custom Development.

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