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Visitor access through RedRover ending on October 11, 2016

On Tuesday, October 11, 2016 visitor access through RedRover will no longer be an option. Visitors will continue to be able to access the W-Fi network through Cornell-Visitor.

The Cornell-Visitor network is restricted to web traffic only, meaning some users may not be able to use some apps on their mobile devices when on the Cornell-Visitor network. By keeping visitor access to web traffic only we are reducing threats to our Wi-Fi network. However, Network Engineering will continue to monitor visitor access and look at options to improve the Cornell-Visitor Wi-Fi service in the future.

Departments with visitors who need full network access can provide Sponsored NetIDs or GuestIDs, which allow visitors to use RedRover as a member of the Cornell community. For more information on how visitors can access our Wi-Fi network visit ‘How to Connect to Wi-Fi as a Visitor.’ 

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