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Update: Student Email Routing and Forwarding Change August 13, 2018

The previously announced change to student email routing has been rescheduled for Monday, August 13, 2018. On that date, all incoming email to Cornell student addresses will go directly to Office 365, then be automatically forwarded to their account in Google. This change has been directed by university IT governance and leadership and is the latest step in the process of removing Cornell infrastructure from the handling of email.

The date change has been made to allow more time for communication and to better align the change with the availability of support resources.

When Cornell systems are removed from email handling, it will no longer be possible to set forwarding using Who I Am. Instead, it will be accomplished using Google settings for forwarding, which can only be changed by the individual account holder.

This means all students who want their Cornell mail to be delivered somewhere other than Google will need to set it up themselves by following Google's forwarding instructions.

Messages conveying this information to students who will be affected have been sent regularly since late April. All students currently forwarding their email somewhere other than their Cornell Google account are being notified they need to set up new forwarding in Google by August 13. Otherwise, when their mail stops passing through Cornell systems, it will only be delivered to their Cornell Google account.

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