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By Friday, February 7, 2020, the project to decommission will have removed access for all Cornell mail accounts that connected fewer than 200 times between January 15 and 27. On January 30, IT Service Group Directors were provided with a file that included the planned staging for the rest of the project, slated to conclude around the third week in February. Fewer than 100 accounts still have access to, down from more than 1,400 at the beginning of this project.

Support needs to date have been low, but may rise as the end of the effort nears. The project started by removing access for accounts with few or no recent connections and has scaled up. Next week the change will begin to reach individuals whose number of connections indicate they rely heavily on to send email.

Most affected faculty and staff users just need to change their client setting for sending mail to, while students and alumni can switch to About thirty accounts are using a "From" address not associated with their Cornell account, which Microsoft and Google won’t allow. These accounts are staged near the end of the project and have been highlighted in the report to IT Service Group Directors.

CIT is writing individuals once before access is turned off to remind them of the change and resources to adjust their outgoing mail settings, and again after the change with the same information. Most of the remaining affected individuals have received two previous communications, in October and December.

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