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Update: Office 365 Two-Step Login Also Moving to Duo Universal Prompt

Beginning Sunday, February 19, 2023, Office 365 accounts that have already been migrated to Microsoft Azure sign-in will also begin using the Duo Universal Prompt for Two-Step Login authentication. This expands on the February 5 update, which transitioned Two-Step Login authentication from Duo’s traditional prompt to the Universal Prompt for most web application logins at Cornell.

Office 365 sign-ins are currently being migrated to Microsoft Azure from Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS). Office 365 sign-ins for accounts that have not yet migrated will continue to use the Duo traditional prompt for Two-Step Login, then will use the Duo Universal Prompt after they have migrated.

Note that many users may not notice the Duo prompt change if they have checked Keep me signed in when they signed into Office 365, which dramatically reduces how often they need to sign in and authenticate when using the same device.

Finally, for now, LastPass logins and the CIT Manage Devices app on the Manage Your Two-Step Login webpage continue to use the Duo traditional prompt for authentication, as will a number of non-website services such as Remote Desktop.

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