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Update: Microsoft Outlook's Clutter to Be Retired in September 2021

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In mid-September 2021, Outlook’s Clutter will be removed from any Cornell email accounts where it may still be active.

Clutter was an Outlook feature designed to help users sort and organize their messages by sending less important messages into a “Clutter” folder. Microsoft began phasing out the feature several years ago, and it has since been replaced by Outlook’s Focused Inbox. It has not been possible to activate Clutter since the phase-out began in 2017.

Removing Clutter completely from email accounts where it may still active will conclude the retirement process. This change will not cause users to lose any email. Any email that would have gone to a user’s Clutter folder will be found in the Inbox.

How to Tell If You Have Clutter

Check whether a folder named “Clutter” is present in your Cornell mailbox. If not, or if you have already turned on the Focused Inbox feature, you do not need to take any action, and the coming change will not affect your email.

How to Turn Off Clutter by Activating Focused Inbox

You can turn off Clutter by activating Focused Inbox. Leave Focused Inbox active for about an hour to make sure Clutter is removed. Not all users will want to use Focused Inbox. If you do not, once Clutter has been removed from your Outlook account, simply turn it off again after about an hour has passed.

Follow the steps described in Turn Focused Inbox On or Off for your email client(s).

Questions and Concerns

If you have questions or concerns about Clutter or Focused Inbox, contact the IT Service Desk.

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