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Update: Media3 Hosting Migration Project

The Media3 hosting migration project is proceeding.

Dynamic Hosting--ColdFusion/LAMP
The migration of VMs for dynamic sites is more than 40 percent complete, and the process is fairly well established.

Beginning in early May, all new dynamic site requests will be made directly to Media3 in order to save the double effort and confusion of creating a VM and then having to soon after migrate it. Also, the change will make it possible to remove no-longer necessary components from the process, such as VM request forms and related on-campus actions. Requests may already be made directly through Media3.

Note: In some cases for VMs that have not yet moved, it will be possible when necessary to add instances to the VM.

Current Static Hosting
Custom Development staff are currently engaged in an internal pilot for static content to prepare for that migration, which will be somewhat different in character. A future update will share details about the static transition as soon as they are finalized.

Analysis of Static Sites Showing No Activity
Details will also be provided in an upcoming update about the parameters for an analysis to be conducted, similar to one that was done in 2016, to identify static sites that have not received either updates or visitors for an extended time (18 months). The eventual goal will be to try to contact last-known admins for these sites, either directly or through campus IT channels, and if it's not possible to get a response by the time of full migration of static VMs, the sites will not be automatically made active in the new environment. Activation will however be available on request.

Service Improvements
Since the beginning of this project, Media3 has made significant improvements to their user interface in order to provide a better experience to their customers, including those in the Cornell community.

If you have questions about Media3 Hosting or the project, visit IT@Cornell's Media3 site or contact CIT Hosting.

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