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Update on Focused Inbox and Clutter

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As previously announced, Microsoft is in the process of replacing the Clutter email feature with Focused Inbox. Focused Inbox, like Clutter, is designed to bring important emails forward, and has been built to improve on the Clutter experience. Microsoft is in the process of turning off Clutter, and while email previously saved to the Clutter folder will stay there, once Clutter is turned off for an individual, no more mail will go into the Clutter folder.

Focused Inbox puts priority email in a Focused tab and the rest in an Other tab. Please be advised that currently for Cornell’s Office 365, Outlook on the Web (, and the Outlook apps for iOS and Android are the only ways of receiving email that show Focused Inbox. Efforts are underway to make Focused Inbox also available in Outlook for Windows and Outlook for Mac, with a target availability in early calendar year 2018.

When Focused Inbox is turned on, email applications that do not use it, like Mail for Mac, will still display all messages in the main inbox. The attribute attached to each piece of email that indicates whether it should appear in the Focused Inbox or Other is simply ignored by apps that don’t have Focused Inbox.

See more information about Focused Inbox.

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