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Update: Alumni Email Routing Change

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The process of changing alumni email routing (email to Cornell alumni will begin to be routed directly to Microsoft systems for delivery to their Cornell Google accounts) will resume with small groups in mid-June, followed by increasingly larger groups through July, and conclude in early August. The exact dates chosen are times with relatively lower alumni communication and event activity. 

The most significant effect of this change will be if alumni want email sent to their Cornell account to be delivered to an outside personal account, they will set that up in their Cornell Google account, rather than Who I Am.

To avoid any disruption of forwarding, a process has been set up to preserve existing alumni forwarding settings. 

Email forwarding self-service will not be available to accounts on the day they are being moved. Information on the Who I Am email tab will be updated to indicate when and how forwarding preferences can be altered.

Small groups, early June 2019

A few hundred accounts will be moved in the second and third weeks of June. These account moves will allow the process to be tested, and will also allow separate handling and communication to individuals with accounts that are experiencing additional changes.

Accounts that require no action, later June 2019

For many alumni accounts, there will be no change to the accountholder's experience. Individuals in this category either receive their Cornell mail only at, or have chosen to not receive email sent to their Cornell address.  Since they don't need to do anything differently, no communications are being sent to these alumni. The changes to routing for these accounts will occur in late June. 

Larger groups of alumni who forward their Cornell email, July 2019

After the completion of the routing changes for small groups and individuals who won't see any obvious effects, the process and its outcomes will be reviewed. After the review, increasingly larger groups of alumni accounts will be moved starting the third week of July. Most individuals whose accounts are being moved at this time are forwarding email sent to their Cornell account to an outside personal account. They will be informed that they don't need to take immediate action, but when ready, they should set their forwarding in Google. Some will need to change their NetID password before they can sign into Google with their Cornell account, and will be provided with information about how to do so.

Remaining accounts, August 2019

Pending successful completion of the first two stages of the migration, remaining alumni accounts will experience the routing change in the first week of August. These account holders will be informed that their Cornell email forwarding is now set in Google and they will need to do a password reset to change it. 

Instructions to reset a NetID password, which must occur before it's possible to sign into a Cornell Google account for the first time.

Google's instructions for setting forwarding to an outside email account.

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