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Upcoming Managed Web Hosting (LAMP & ColdFusion) and Static Service Updates

As part of Cornell’s ongoing process of moving campus IT services to the cloud as a means to gain better efficiencies and improved service, the current Managed Web Hosting (Cornell Hosting Stack) and Static Web Hosting services will be replaced by similar offerings from a partnered vendor, Media3. As part of this service change, there are no cost changes at this time.  The costing model for this service will be reviewed at a later phase with the IT Services committee. This IT initiative followed the standard governance process, including presentation to the IT Service Group Directors and the submission and approval of a formal charter. 
Media3 services are similar to the ones currently being offered for Managed Web Hosting.
Media3 provides a managed hosting layer similar to what is offered for the current service.  This means, much like the service today Media3 will take care of the full stack from the virtual cloud server infrastructure, OS (Linux), ColdFusion, MySQL, PHP, and Apache. They provide fully configured CUWebAuth with service IDs and keytabs. Media3 monitors SSL security certificates for you. They also provide around-the-clock support for the stack.
Detailed information about Media3 hosting
Media3 leading the migration and your role in testing 
Media3 will perform migrations at no charge, and has also committed to the support needed for the transition. A group of Cornell early adopters will work through the onboarding process with Media3, perform validation and testing, and provide feedback about the process over the next month or two.  As this nears completion, outreach will begin to remaining customers to schedule their transition. Current plans are for this transition to occur from November to March, depending on the outcome of the early adopter phase.

Immediate next steps

  • Notification: Outreach has already begun for apps or sites that will require extra planning and migration steps. An informational message will be sent to all customers near the end of the early adopter phase. This message will help them understand what’s involved in the change and will refer them to their local web support resources, as well as the IT Service Desk if they have questions. The message will first be shared with IT Service Group Directors so their units can be prepared for questions.
  • Documentation: Information comparing the various web services available to Cornell is being produced. It will be shared with hosting customers and the IT community, to help customers considering a change understand the choices available to them. Documentation is also being updated to provide information about migration options and steps.
  • Future Managed Hosting VM & Static Requests: Pending successful conclusion of the early adopter phase, and preparation for full campus migration, all new Managed Hosting VMs will be created in Media3. Presently, you can still request new Managed VMs and static sites. During the Media3 migration project, those services will freeze and new VMs will be requested through Media3. More details will be provided as the transition gets closer.

For information on how to tell if your site or app is impacted by this change, as well as a list of the other hosting services that have not changed, please visit the Media3 service site.
If you have any questions, please contact CIT Hosting:

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