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Upcoming changes to Two-Step Login

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Starting August 7 and throughout the month, you’ll see several improvements in Cornell's Two-Step Login service. Two-Step Login is the university's two-factor authentication system, based on a cloud service from Duo Security.

1) The self-service site is being renamed to Manage Your Two-Step Login, and we’ve made usability improvements.

2) The Two-Step Login documentation has also been improved and streamlined to provide a smoother path for people who are using Two-Step Login for the first time. We are also continuing to rely largely on the excellent material provided by Duo Security for illustrated step-by-step procedural instructions.

3) Duo has announced changes for August that will also improve the overall user experience. Highlights:

  • You’ll be able to enroll multiple devices during your initial Two-Step Login setup (currently you can only enroll one device).
  • You’ll have a much simpler way to add, delete, or edit devices, without the convoluted authentication prompt that we have today. Duo’s new functionality will be called the Device Management Portal.

We’re excited about all of these changes. They fix the biggest issues we’ve heard about people’s experiences getting started with Two-Step Login. We will integrate the Device Management Portal into Two-Step Login as quickly as possible. Given the great improvements in usability it brings, we are assessing whether to release it while still in beta.

Timing will be announced via Net-Announce-L and IT@Cornell News.

See Duo’s details on these changes.

Coming soon: Support for traditional hardware tokens

Most people can and prefer to use their smartphone, cell phone, tablet, or landline phone for Two-Step Login’s second step. In some situations, however, a traditional hardware token may be the only viable approach. Hardware tokens are keyfob-like devices that generate one-time passcodes.

Hardware tokens will soon be available, for individual or departmental purchase, through the Cornell Store. The Cornell Store will order tokens directly from Duo Security, and they will be the only campus unit authorized to do so.

Campus units will decide whether and in what circumstances department funds can be used to purchase hardware tokens. Individuals will also be able to purchase hardware tokens using personal funds. Pricing is anticipated to be a little over twenty dollars per token.

A new tab will be added to Manage Your Two-Step Login for users to self-enroll a token.

Timing for hardware tokens is expected to be mid-August. The exact date will be announced via Net-Announce-L and through IT@Cornell News.

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