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Upcoming Changes to Google Hangouts

Google is making changes to its current cross-platform messaging service Google Hangouts, which is a feature of Cornell G Suite. The first changes will begin on April 16, with further enhancements over the coming months. Ultimately, classic Google Hangouts will transform into two platforms: Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet.

On April 16, Google will enable Cornell G Suite's Google Hangouts Chat service.* Available at, this is a secure team messaging and collaboration tool that features chat rooms for topics and projects, and keeps threaded conversations tangle-free and together in one place. This new chat will gradually replace the former chat service that was integrated into Gmail and Hangouts calls. At release, it will only allow membership from people with a G Suite account, but Google plans to add external users in the coming months. (*Note: Google hasn't yet made this change as expected. There will be an update as soon as the vendor provides a more definitive date.)

Google has also announced its intention to begin replacing the classic Hangouts service for voice and video calling with a more functional service called Hangouts Meet over the next six months or so. Google Hangouts Meet and Chat are being designed to work together to support all phases of teamwork.

For more information, please see Google's Hangouts Chat documentation.

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