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Upcoming Changes to Data Centers Used By Cornell Zoom Service

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Zoom now provides system administrators with the option to customize which regional data centers are allowed to handle data for an organization’s meetings and webinars.

Beginning May 24, 2020, CIT will opt out of using the mainland China and Hong Kong data centers for data transit. Data centers are the Zoom servers located around the world that provide connections for geographic regions such as the United States, Europe, Canada, or mainland China. 

What Does This Mean for Users?

After this change is made, users attending Cornell Zoom meetings and webinars from locations in mainland China and Hong Kong will connect through the United States data center. For users located in other regions around the world, the change will not affect their Zoom connections.

While preliminary testing has suggested that this change will not seriously impact the overall ability of users in China and Hong Kong to attend Cornell Zoom events, they should be prepared for the possibility of occasional performance issues during meetings and webinars.

About Data Centers

In Zoom version 5.0 and later, clicking the Info icon (a circled "i") at the top left of a user’s meeting window shows which data center a user is connected to, in addition to the other user information displayed there.

The data center for a user or account affects only the data traffic during sessions, not stored data. Zoom cloud recordings and chat logs have been and will continue to be stored on the United States data center servers, since that is the location of Cornell’s account. Local recordings, however, are saved to the device on which the user is connected.

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