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Two-Step Login Will Update Its Mobile App - October 2021

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Duo, the vendor for Two-Step Login, will launch a new user interface (UI) for its iOS and Android mobile apps in mid-October. This change will make it easier for you to enroll, authenticate, and troubleshoot Two-Step Login. Watch the new Duo Mobile App Video, read more about Duo's changes, or see the Administrators' Guide.

Preview the New Duo Mobile App

Updated Duo mobile login

What Has Changed

  • On-screen help added for new users with practice logins available.
  • Clearer language explains the context of each login.
  • Approve and Deny buttons are now round instead of square.
  • Approve button is now on the right. User experience (UX) research showed that this is easier for most users.
  • Accessibility improvements, including better screen reader support, better contrast, landscape views, and dynamic text.

What Has Not Changed

The core functionality of Two-Step Login will not change. You will continue to be able to:

  • Receive a Duo Push.
  • Use passcodes.
  • Add, edit, reorder, and remove accounts.
  • Backup and restore accounts.
  • Use dark mode.
  • And anything else you can do in the current version of the app.

Target Release Dates

  • iOS: Oct. 11-18
  • Android: Oct. 11-15

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